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Shelf for cutting knife, cutting spices for 400mm cabinets

When designing kitchen cabinets, we always have to think of a reasonable place to place kitchen utensils such as spices, knives, cutting boards. They are all high frequency devices, if not sorted, will make the kitchen cluttered, even lost. Especially if there are children in the house, it will be more dangerous.There are many different solutions to be able to arrange the kitchen utensils as neatly as floating shelves, wall hangers. Another way is to store in the cabinet below. Just a shelf for the spatulas, you will have an extremely convenient storage space for bottles, knives, chopping boards and other utensils.NewEra 400mm scoop knife stand- Shelf scissors for cabinets 400mm wide, 356 x 450 x 470mm wide shelf, 3 storey design stores a lot of furniture and designed to store the tools, furniture have different characteristics.- What can be stored in knife racks, spices:+ Bottles of spices, salt, oil ...+ Chopsticks, spoons (with hooks and chopsticks)+ Big cutting board+ Knives, scissors, cutting tools+ Glasses, cups, glasses+ Dishes, pots and pans- Shelves are made of high quality steel, advanced chrome technology, anti-rust and help shiny products, express aesthetic and easy hygiene. The round bar with water drip tray helps the housewife to keep the damp cloth moist without affecting the cabinet.- NewEra 400mm spatula knife is equipped with a sliding-defibrillation slider to ensure smooth and smooth use.Website: http://tkn.vn/gia-dao-thot-ke-gia-vi-newera/
9.9.17 10:14

Pay attention to electronic door lock

Electronic door locks are preferred by consumers. To select the appropriate lock template, you should note some issues as follows:Door materialTypically, electronic locks are used for wooden doors. However, if your door has other materials such as iron doors, box doors, plastic doors ... then use specific lock pattern. Let the sales person advise on available lock patterns at this time.Function of the door lockBased on his need to determine whether to use fingerprint lock, magnetic card lock or cryptographic key. Normally with home use, fingerprint lock and encryption keys are the most suitable, making it easier for homeowners to use. Magnetic card locks are most suitable for use in hotels, with a variety of authorization and control requirements.Currently, electronic door lock pattern is often integrated many features incorporated.TrademarkThere are many different door lock makers but the NewEra electronic lock is appreciated by many major customers. Its products are distributed throughout the country and used in hundreds of large and small projects, high class hotel buildings ... NewEra door locks stand out with modern design, high quality and latest features. Will satisfy every customer.Detail: https://khoacuadientunewera.wordpress.com/2017/07/10/luu-y-chon-khoa-cua-dien-tu/
26.8.17 09:50

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